Organix puppy food
Can be purchased at: (subscribe & save), PetsMart or Petco. 
Please be aware of the following ingredients, and try to stay way from them:

Corn (GMO), Wheat, Soy (GMO), Meat-by-products, Canola oil (probably GMO), Dyes and coloring (Can cause tear staining, rashes, allergies, and worse.) (GMO means "genetically modified organism")

Organix Puppy Food

havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton food
havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton chew toy

​Chew toys
I like the pressed rawhide for treats. Your dog won't be able to bite off small pieces and get them lodged in his intestines! I buy these from For food treats, I give small pieces of cheddar cheese, although any kind of cheese should do.

Rawhide chew bones

Free standing gate
These gates are expandable! They are perfect for blocking off your kitchen or laundry room to keep your puppy contained when you don't want to have to crate him.

Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, Large, Autumn Matte Finish

  • Freestanding gate with side panels for safely confining pets

  • No installation necessary; adjustable width from 39.8 to 71.3 inches

  • Wide base prevents tipping; rubber feet protect floors; folds for storing

  • Low enough for people to stride over; beautiful hardwood finish

  • Measures 39.8 to 71.3 by 17.7 by 20.1 inches

havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton puppy gate
havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton carrier


I recommend a 200 size crate.

Pet carrier

Nail trimmers
These are nice because you can see what you are doing, as opposed to the guillotine style ones. These are the kind I like and use.

Nail trimmers

Crate bedding

  • Ideal for Use in Crates, Carriers, Dog Houses, Vehicles

  • Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter

  • Completely Machine Washable

  • Ultra-Soft Synthetic Sheepskin or Plush Fur

  • Bed Color Conceals Shedding

havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton

Ear cleaning solution:
This is a great ear solution! Works well to eliminate yeasty ear, smelly ears, and dirty ears. Squirt this into the dogs' ear and massage it around. Do this every day until the problem goes away. In my experience, this usually takes about 3 days. This is the only product I've found that actually works.

For Animals K9 Ear Solutions - 12 oz - Liquid

Brewer's yeast with garlic for preventing fleas

This is a good and natural way to keep fleas away from your puppy. The brewer's yeast, and the garlic are repulsive to blood suckers likes fleas and mosquitos. You can get this in tablet form, or as a powder to sprinkle on food. My dogs think that this is a treat and readily eat it up.

Brewer's Yeast with Garlic

  • Contains top quality debittered yeast that your dogs and cats love

  • Includes vitamin C

  • Works as a detoxifier

  • Immune system rebuilder


My dogs love to have their very own little bed area. I like to get one that's not too large, so that they can cuddle up and feel a little bit protected by it.

Get rid of tear stains!
I use about 1/4 teaspoon of this powder added to food to rid my dogs of tear stains and rust colored hair/fur. Add it to come cottage cheese to get your dog to woof it down. Use daily until stains disappear!

Blue Bonnet Acidophilus