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About Havatons...

Havaton (Havanese / Coton de Tulear Hybrid Mix)

Havatons are a joy to be around. They are very sweet, intelligent and eager to please. They love their "pack" and will gladly run around and play with children or simply cuddle up with you on the couch. They are very social dogs and enjoy meeting people and other pets and will get along with anybody. The Havatont is considered to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic, which makes them a good choice for people with allergies. They are recommended by vets and doctors because of their dander-free coat. Many people have come to us with severe allergies to test themselves on our dogs. Our puppies pass the test!

havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton

Havatons have hair and not fur, which means that they don't shed. This makes them hypoallergenic to most people. There is very little hair to be found lying around the house. They lose hair like WE lose hair, so some will come out when they get brushed. Their thick and silky coat will continue to grow until it is full. It takes about a year for their coat to completely grow out. Brushing through their coat a few times per month will keep their coat looking beautiful and tangle free. Grooming requirements are low for this breed!

Our dogs are "free feeding", which means they can eat whenever they want to. With this system, our dogs will graze and only eat when they're hungry. This prevents them from gorging themselves when food is presented to them. If you prefer a scheduled feeding time, them I recommend feeding your puppy 3 times per day until he/she reaches adulthood (6-9 months)

havanese coton de tulear dog puppy havaton
Potty training

Potty training usually takes between 1-2 weeks for this breed. They love to please their owners and will try to do their best to go potty wherever they are told to.

Some ideas for potty areas could be:

• Newspaper

• Pee pads

• Litter box with newspaper or pee pad lining

• Outside grass

• Outside gravel

• A doggy door can be installed in a wall, door, or even a sliding glass door to allow your dog to go potty whenever they choose, even when you're not home!

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