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About us

We are located near Portland, Oregon. We breed for health, temperament and beauty. We take pride in our puppies! They are home raised, received daily care, attention and proper nutrition. Adult dogs are our pets, and are allowed to run, play and go for walks in the neighborhood. They are also loved and treated as family members. Our home is available to potential puppy buyers. We encourage you to come and see for yourself where your new family member is coming from. We specialize in Havatons. Our dogs are considered to be hypoallergenic! They are recommended by vets and doctors because of their dander-free coat. Many people have come to us with severe allergies to test themselves on our dogs. Our puppies pass the test! You are welcome to come see for yourself.

In home visits:

We offer home visits to prospective puppy buyers. You can come meet out dogs in person. Please be courteous and do not come if you are sick or contagious. Please do not make an appointment if you don't intend to keep it. Also, please be aware that you may need to wash your hands and remove your shoes before entering to protect young puppies from germs and disease. If you have been visiting other breeders, please plan your trips on different days to avoid spreading dangerous diseases and bacterial from place to place. We are very protective of our puppies, and keep them as safe as possible.

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